Update Your Contact Info

We will be making an upgrade to our online banking system in the coming months. Having your updated information will be crucial to ensuring a smooth transition to the new system. Please update your information today and make sure you are using an internet browser that supports our new online banking system. Click here for more information on updating your browser.

Having a reliable means of contacting you ensures we can keep your account secure and efficiently communicate with you. We use your email and phone number in combination with other security features to help verify your identity. Having your updated contact information allows us to quickly and efficiently share important Bank Forward announcements and information about your accounts.

Updating your contact information is quick and easy. There are two ways you can update your contact information:

#1 Stop in or Call - You can stop in or contact your local branch to confirm your information is up to date.

#2 Login Online - To update your email and phone number in Bank Forward’s Online Banking using a desktop or laptop, select Profile on the top-right menu bar. Update your email and phone number by selecting Edit next to the respective section. Update your information and click Save. If you have both a home phone and a cell phone, please contact your local branch to update your phone numbers.