How can I retire on my own terms?

National Retirement Planning Week 2017 kicks off April 3, 2017!

Many Americans don’t feel adequately financially prepared for retirement. In fact, sizable percentage of workers aren’t! They have virtually no savings or investments (26 percent of workers in this category reported that they have saved less than $1,000). But we are here to help!

So what can you do?

Bank Forward offers Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP plans, and SIMPLE IRA plans to help customers save for retirement. So come in and we’ll chat about your long-term financial goals. And, with the April 18, 2017, tax filing deadline right around the corner, if you hurry you can still get that head start on saving by making an IRA contribution for tax year 2016.

At home, you can visit The National Retirement Planning Coalition (NRPC) website, Retire On Your Terms, any time you want.

Retire on Your Terms provides tools to help you develop a plan based on your life stage. It addresses: students, early-career professionals, mid-career professionals, late-career professionals, and those ready to retire.

What else you’ll find on Retire on Your Terms:

  • Simple tips on saving and budgeting
  • Information on Social Security and long term care
  • Tips for determining a retirement lifestyle
  • Tools to help build a retirement withdrawal strategy
  • Calculators including a life insurance policy locator, retirement ready quiz, retirement planner calculator, fixed annuity calculator, variable annuity calculator, retirement shortfall calculator, and retirement income calculator

The website also provides planning tools that cover budgeting basics, asset management, Social Security, investments, fraud prevention, and healthcare. The section on Social Security provides fact sheets on the basics of Social Security and Social Security Survivor Benefits, and a link to My Social Security, the Social Security Administration’s tool that allows you to access their personal Social Security account information online.

Between you and us, we’ve got your future covered! But that means planning. And that means taking action today!