Online Banking: Issues with the new website? We're here to help.

Jessica, our Internet Banking Coordinator answers:
Your browser has a folder in which certain items, which may include web pages, are stored or “cached” for faster uploading. When websites are updated, sometimes the browser is still trying to pull in the old content so you don’t see the new content.

I’d like to reassure you that your online banking has not moved, and your information is safe and secure!

If you aren’t seeing the new webpage for Bank Forward, here’s a simple solution. Clear your cache (cookies). Then manually type in the web address Once you clear your cache, the browser will stop using the saved version of our site and grab the newest version.

One more thing: keeping your browser updated will not only provide better performance, it will also provide you more security.

For more information or personal assistance, email or call 877-689-1783.