Hurricane Irma impacts Gift Cards

Update 9/18/17

Hurricane Irma impacted prepaid card functionality. As a result, prepaid cardholders had intermittent outages of card functionality. All card operations are now functioning normally. In recognition of your patience throughout this situation, MetaBank, our prepaid card provider, will be waiving all gift card purchase fees for impacted bank branches from September 19, 2017 until October 1, 2017.

Update 9/12/17

Gift, travel and prepaid cards holders currently have intermittent point-of-sale access to their funds. This does not impact security or dollars already loaded on cards. This does not impact Bank Forward debit or credit cards.

Original post 9/11/17

The primary data center in Miami, Florida was impacted due to power outages which occurred as a result of Hurricane Irma. During a transition from the Miami data center to an alternate site, an unexpected issue occurred. Although many data center staff lost cars and homes due to significant flooding and had trouble getting to work, they continue to work diligently to address the issue.

The card provider, MetaBank, is continuing to work to bring systems back online; cardholders may see intermittent success when using their cards.

We are sorry for the losses experienced by the people of Florida and for any inconvenience this situation has caused.