Tory Hart

Market President | Lending Team Leader | EVP - Bank Forward, Jamestown

Phone: 701-251-2040

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Providing financial products to you for your specific needs is my goal. A lending relationship between borrower and banker is built on understanding your needs, developing a solid trust, providing confidentiality and structuring the right lending solutions to satisfy your needs.

How may I help you? I have had the privilege in asking “how may I help you with your banking needs” since 1990 at Bank Forward. A North Dakota native, I grew up on a medium sized family farm, worked in a small business and continue to provide lending solutions to you, our customers. I am part of a very strong lending team at Bank Forward that provides consumer, commercial and agricultural lending products for you. This is what I do and do well.

Although important, lending is not only about interest rates, cash flows, collateral and financial statements. Partnering with you so you can achieve your financial goals, solve a need or want, and help make your dreams come true is my objective.

Achieving financial success takes commitment, involves risk and is hard work. I don’t believe in good luck—show me someone who works hard and engages opportunities and I will show you someone who is successful and looks as if they had good luck.
Bank Forward has a committed professional lending staff to take care of you. We will engage the opportunity to provide not only lending services but a full banking financial relationship. I look forward to being a part of your financial team.