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Thursday May 09 2019

The Forward Team Supports Dockter Family

When the Tax Forward team heard about clients Brandon and Jennifer Dockter’s son, they knew they wanted to help with a donation to offset the medical expenses the family had incurred the past year. And when the Bank Forward heard about the family’s situation, they stepped up to double the donation.

“Callan Dockter has had quite a year,” Tax Forward’s Jenny Thielges says. “The four-year-old from Rugby was diagnosed with Saggital Craniosynostosis, which required invasive neurosurgery in Dallas, Texas.”

Craniosynostosis is a skull defect that causes one or more of the fibrous sutures of the skull to fuse prematurely. When these sutures fuse, the skull is not able to expand to accommodate the growing brain. If left untreated, craniosynostosis can lead to problems of the ears, loss of vision, spine and breathing issues as well as intracranial pressure with severe debilitating headaches with vomiting, seizures and much more.

In January Callan underwent Saggital Cranial Vault Reconstruction. In summary, Callan’s skull was removed, broken into multiple pieces, and then pieced back together and laid back around his brain to form a ‘new’ skull that will allow room for his brain to grow.

“We are so happy to hear Callan is doing well,” Jenny says. “We are honored to help the Dockter family!”

Photo (left to right): Wendy Lang and Alexis Watts with Tax Forward, Brandon, Savanna, and Jennifer Dockter, Jenny Thielges, with Tax Forward and Tory Hart with Bank Forward

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