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Monday August 17 2020

Forward Foundation Supports Harvest Hope Farm

Harvest Hope Farm is located north of Moorhead on 13 acres and is owned by the Kotrba family. The organization’s mission is to HARVEST HOPE in others by enhancing their emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health through a hands-on farm experience and education concerning sustainable food resources and environmental stewardship.

The Forward Foundation donation to Harvest Hope Farm will help the organization provide the 2020 Farm Camp, a 12-week day camp for children ages 6-13. Campers meet weekly with each child growing a 4x6 raised garden bed from planting to harvest. All produce harvested is donated to families in need in the Fargo/Moorhead area. In addition to growing produce, children learn how to interact with and care for farm animals, learn about food products that farm animals produce for humans, and have the opportunity to experience nature through organized activities and free play on the farm.

“We are so excited for the campers participating in Farm Camp,” Sheri Stockmoe, Bank Forward employee and Forward Foundation volunteer, says. “Having grown up on a family farm myself, it is very gratifying to support Harvest Hope Farm and the values they work to instill in their campers through working the land, caring for livestock, and giving back to those in our community. It’s a wonderful organization, and we are honored to be associated with them.”

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