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Thursday May 07 2020

Brown Celebrates 45-Years in Banking

Bank Forward to honored to recognize CEO Mark Brown on 45-years of service in banking. “Mark’s dedication and unselfish leadership is admirable,” Tom Watson, Bank Forward president, says.

In 1927, A.C. Brown, Mark’s grandfather, founded Bank Forward in Hannaford with $25,000 in assets. A.C. purchases a stone building and furnishings for $4,000. W. O. “Bill” Brown, Mark’s father, joined A. C. and two other employees in 1948. Mark began working with his father at the bank in 1975 and became CEO in 2003.

Today Bank Forward operates under one charter in thirteen communities across North Dakota and Minnesota. With over 250 employees, thirteen bank offices, eleven insurance agencies, two tax offices, and over $700 million in assets, Bank Forward offers a complete line of personal and commercial financial, insurance, and tax services.

“The growth of Bank Forward is a direct reflection of Mark’s leadership and staying true to the values set 93-years ago: take care of our customers, our employees, and our communities,” Tom says. “Mark is a wonderful teammate. I am proud to work with him and call him a friend.”

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