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Friday March 24 2017

Bank Forward donates $10,000 to University of Jamestown

Tory Hart, Market President of Bank Forward, Jamestown is pleased to announce that Bank Forward has made a $10,000 donation to University of Jamestown. The donation is earmarked for the Newman Arena project on the University of Jamestown campus.

Steve Cichos, Bank Forward, is a graduate of Jamestown College (now University of Jamestown) and proud that Bank Forward has donated to the Newman Arena project. “This is a major contribution by the Newman family to the U. Harold Newman was well known as a supporter of several colleges in North Dakota. This arena will be a great asset to the university.”

Pictured are Polly Peterson, executive vice president, and Dr. Robert Badal, president, both University of Jamestown, with Forward employees and University of Jamestown alumni Steve Cichos (1978, business administration), Andrew Kapaun (2015), Chase Marker (2015, accounting, financial planning), Alex Hanson (2014, accounting), Jason Bitz (2007, business communications), Jennifer Thielges (2007, accounting), and Brooke Winson (2015).

Photo credit: Josh Knutson

About Bank Forward: Bank Forward has been an independent community bank since 1927. Bank Forward operates under one charter with twelve bank offices, eleven insurance agencies and two tax offices with locations in North Dakota and Minnesota. The bank offers a complete line of personal and commercial financial, insurance and tax services.

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