The condo policy is a special form of homeowners insurance designed to meet the unique insurance needs of the owners of condominium units and cooperative apartments. The insured premises are defined as the unit where the insured resides, and a condo policy cannot be used to insure a unit owned by the insured but rented or leased to others. Sometimes unit owners are responsible for parts of the unit beyond the walls, ceiling and floor. Condominium unit owners also have an undivided interest with other unit owners in common areas of property. Common areas of property could include the land, stairways, halls, parking and storage areas, and the heating and cooling system. The unit owner’s responsibilities are outlined in the condominium agreement and bylaws. The major loss exposures for unit owners are loss to real property, loss to personal property, and legal liability.


Coverage against damage done by the rising or overflowing of bodies of water is typically excluded under homeowners insurance policies. Flood insurance can be purchased as a separate policy and is regulated and underwritten by the national flood insurance plan. Flood policies have limitations and the consumer needs to understand that flood policies are not comprehensive. Flood insurance should be purchased as an enhancement policy to your homeowners policy or commercial property policy.

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Personal Umbrella

The personal umbrella policy was designed to provide coverage in the event of a catastrophic claim, lawsuit, or judgment. Personal umbrella policies provide excess liability insurance over the insured’s basic primary policies, such as the homeowners, personal auto, recreational vehicle and watercraft policies. Most umbrella policies require the insured to meet minimum limits of liability coverage on the underlying policies


The renters policy is tailored to meet the needs of a tenant and is similar to a homeowners policy in that it protects against the financial consequences of potential personal loss due to destruction of personal property (other than building) or personal liability due to your negligence.


Most watercraft policies provide coverage for liability, physical damage, and medical payments. Some policies offer additional coverage such as emergency service, life salvage coverage, coverage for repairs after a loss, coverage for emergency first aid and uninsured boaters coverage.