General Liability

General liability coverage is a form of insurance sold to businesses to indemnify the business for third party liability claims due to negligence. Coverage can include premises and operations liability for onsite and jobsite accidents, products liability to cover bodily injury or property damage, advertising and personal injury, fire legal liability and medical payments to others.

Equipment Floater

A form of inland marine insurance, often on an “all-risk” basis, covering various kinds of equipment. This insurance coverage is designed to move with the equipment from job site to job site. An equipment floater policy can cover many types of mobile property, from hand tools to bobcats, skid steers and tractors.

Cyber Liability

Cyber liability is a special form of commercial insurance created to protect businesses against misuse of their computer system and information contained on it. Damage can come from outside unauthorized sources who intentionally breach (hack) your computer’s security system in order to create damage to files or to obtain information from files with the intent to commit fraud or misuse. Damage can also occur from authorized computer system users (employees) who intentionally or by unintentional actions allow access to company or client private information. Coverage may also include extra expenses triggered by notifying clients of security breaches and resolution of resulting issues. Coverage forms vary widely between carriers so your agent’s careful analysis will assist you in making an informed choice of products.

Liquor Liability

The laws vary by state, but most provide that the owner of an establishment which serves alcoholic beverages (on sale) or sells packaged alcoholic products (off sale) is liable for injury or damage caused by an intoxicated person if it can be established that the liquor licensee caused or contributed to the intoxication of the person. The licensing authority (state, county or city) has insurance requirements that must be met before they will grant a license to a business owner to serve or sell alcoholic beverages.

Professional Liability

Did you know, courts hold professionals to a higher standard than the average blue collar worker? Because of that higher standard of accountability, you need a policy to cover your increased exposure and protect your reputation.

Professional liability can include anything from contractor errors and omissions coverage to malpractice insurance for doctors. We work with several insurance carriers that specialize in covering all types of professionals in various fields. You deserve the kind of protection that allows you to relax and focus on your clients. Contact us today to make sure you have the coverage you need for your professional business.

Errors and omissions is a form of professional liability insurance which provides coverage for mistakes made by a person or persons in nonmedical professions, such as lawyers, architects, engineers, or for mistakes made in a service business, such as insurance, real estate or property surveyors.

Medical (malpractice) liability is a class of insurance policies that indemnifies the insured for third-party liability claims due to negligence in the performance of professionals in the medical field. Professionals can include all types of doctors, nurses, dentists and others.

Umbrella Liability

Your business is your life. You built it from the ground up. The long hours you put into the name, location, and growth of your business is what you worked for all these years. You are finally getting to a place where you feel comfortable with the operations, work flow and financial stability of your business.

You have all the procedures in place to ensure smooth operations, but then the unthinkable happens. One of your employees causes an accident, resulting in a fatality, and within weeks lawsuit papers are received.

At Insure Forward, we understand the risks that face your business day in and day out. One insurance product we highly recommend is an additional liability policy, called a Business Umbrella. This policy protects your operations when a large claim occurs and your existing coverage is not enough. The business umbrella is there to provide the additional coverage you need.

Insure Forward agents tailor business umbrella policies to fit your needs. Be sure to discuss with your agent the additional lines of business coverage your carry, such as professional liability, errors or omissions, liquor or employment practices to name a few.