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Dress For Success: How What You Wear Affects Your Career


Bank Forward training coordinator, Cheryl Vigesaa, shares her insights on how dressing the part is an important step as you move forward in your career. 


My obsession with clothes and fashion started at the tender age of 4 years old. I remember playing dress up for hours. My Mother, Grandmother and Aunts would provide me with all of their old clothes; all their dresses they no longer wanted or could no longer fit into. I would dress up in them and accessorize with cancans, gloves, hats and jewelry. Once I was dressed to the hilt I would dance and twirl in front of the TV screen because I could see my reflection and I thought the dresses were so beautiful.


I continued to love clothes all through my school years and ended up going to NDSU pursuing a degree in design. Somehow I was sidetracked by a certain man and decided to get married and he whisked me away to Bismarck. While living in Bismarck I worked for a women’s retail clothing store in which I became Asst. Manager and floor designer therefore utilizing what I had learned while at NDSU. 


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Due to my background experience I quickly came to understand how important dressing appropriately can be because:

  • Many times people will form a first impression of you by how you present yourself.
  • Keep in mind what we wear is a visual affirmation of who we are.
  • People can and do often judge a book by its cover.
  • It is also unspoken communication


With the above points in mind I try to live by the following:

  • Dress as you want to be seen: Serious – Professional and Upward bound
  • It is better to overdress for an occasion then to be underdressed
  • If you aspire to be a leader, dress like one
  • Always dress for the task at hand – If you know you are meeting a client that day step it up a notch


In other words: Dress For Success


Cheryl Vigesaa, AVP
Training Coordinator
Bank Forward Cooperstown

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