Where would you go with an unlimited Travel Card?


We asked our staff in Cooperstown, Bemidji and Grand Forks "If you had an unlimited travel card this summer, where would you go and why?" Curious about what they said? Read on!


"I would take my family to Disney World for family vacation and take the guys to Ireland for a few rounds of golf and a couple pints."
- Brad, Cooperstown


"I would buy a new vehicle and go on a road trip to various states. I haven’t seen much of the United States, so I think that would be fun."
- Julie, Hannaford-Cooperstown


"If I had an unlimited travel card for the summer I would go and see my brother who is currently stationed in South Carolina. He has been in the Air Force and has done a tour in Afghanistan and hasn’t been able to afford to come home to see us. I haven’t seen him in almost a year and being able to go see him with out having to worry about travel expenses would make the time with him more enjoyable. I would also bring my parents with so they could see him and we can just spend some quality family time together. It would be really good to see him now just in case he ends up having to do another tour over seas. That’s what I would do if I had an unlimited travel card this summer."
- Meghan, Bemidji


"It would be hard to pick one place because there are so many places to go visit! I would truly like to go back to Guatemala someday, so traveling the Central and South American’s would be fun for me. Even just living in Guatemala for the summer, learning the language and the culture and working with Children would make me completely happy.

Otherwise traveling the US- I would LOVE to go out West again and visit the National Parks, do some hiking and camping and white-water rafting!!"
- Christine, Bemidji 


"I would go on an Alaskan Cruise because I think the scenery would be worth the trip."
- Jon, Grand Forks


"If I had an unlimited travel card I would travel to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida because I am obsessed with Harry Potter, and I have never been there before."
- Marina, Grand Forks



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