We Appreciate our Employees!


This summer, several Bank and Insure Forward locations hosted employee appreciation lunches to say thank you for all of the hard work and commitment our staff has shown to the success of our customers and our organization. Here are a a few comments from some of those who attended.


A note from our leaders

"'If our employees are happy, we never have to worry about our customers.' I'm not sure where I first heard this quote but I've always thought it said what I felt in a concise and clear way - our employees are Bank Forward!! You make the difference!! Taking the time to have an employee lunch to say 'thank you' and show our appreciation for what you do everyday is very important to me -- so thank you and most importantly, be happy!!" - Mark B


"Whether it’s a small thing like an appreciation cookout or a big thing like contributing to our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, it’s great to give back to those who give so much of themselves! Thank you! We are grateful for all you do." - Tom




Grand Forks

"We were so fortunate to have a beautiful warm and sunny day for our employee lunch. We were finally able to make use of the patio! The meal was great. Everything always tastes better when someone else is cooking." - Julie


"It is so great to work for a company that shows appreciation for their employees! It was a HOT day (finally) and the food was fantastic!" - Ashley



"What an AMAZING turn out! The food was GREAT and it’s so wonderful to be a part of the Bank Forward family. :)" - Jessica M


"This was a great lunch, better than Wiener Schnitzel or Brat Wurst with a beer." - Monika


"Great food and a great way to get to know other employees." - Meghan


"Yum! Summer has officially hit the bank!! Ate way too much – had to have a high octane Mt. Dew at my desk to make it through the afternoon without napping! Will is hands down the Grill Master!!" - Kari


bemidji-bank-forward-employee-appreciation-lunch"It was well thought out and delicious! Thank you to all the hands that helped prepare it, and all the hands that helped eat it. As a whole Bank Forward is truly blessed to have such a gifted group of individuals here in Bemidji whom we can rely on to run things efficiently in all capacities. One branch of the tree thriving, leads to many more growing opportunities for all, so keep up the good work Team!" - Christine


"Delicious!" - Mark S (he drove over from Walker) .


"It was amazing, good thing we don’t that too often I’d have to do the stairs more often. LOL We have some very talented chefs here at the Bemidji branch." - Sara S


"Amazing Forward Family! It totally is a team effort each and every day. Every single person counts! The commitment that our staff has is incredible!! Everyone makes it a great place to work." - Dana


"Chicken is always my favorite food, but today with the kabobs being one chicken, one shrimp and one beef I loved them all the same. Each one was so flavorful and luscious. Will did a great job!" - Kay



"I appreciate the lunch we had. The caramel ice cream was BEST!!! Had a lot of laughs that’s for sure!" - Michelle


"Our employee appreciation lunch had wonderful food and many laughs with co-workers/friends while we ate. You can’t top our dessert which was brownies topped with home made ice cream. YUM!" - Renee


"Every single day I think how lucky I am to work with people so dedicated to their customers and coworkers. You, my friends, make a difference and you are truly appreciated. It was a pleasure making you lunch!" - Deb (PS recipe for ice cream on request!)


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Cooperstown & Hannaford 

"Excellent night of great food and conversation. We were lucky to have Mark/Marlys and Tom join us for the event as well. In addition, fun to have W.O and Lois join us as well. Chef Bakken continues his top notch cooking." - Brad


"It was great! It was good to have an outing with fellow co-workers outside of work." - Jess


"Being able to spend time together out of our work environment is Priceless. Why, because everyone can really relax and let their hair down, in a good way! I always come away feeling I know my co-workers a little bit better than I did before. For instance, I haven’t heard Chelsey talk so much since she started here in Cooper three months ago. Being the newbie on the block we tried to scare her with our Corporate Chief’s stuffed skunk. Danny went and placed it by her back tire of her vehicle, unfortunately she scoped it out before getting to close. Chelsey also asked Danny Bakken what he did for a living; it was fun to hear him explain that. (It was truly priceless to see Dan sputter!)  It was a great summer night with great food and fellowship." - Cheryl


"I had a great time! It was so relaxing and so good to see Mark & Marlys, Bill & Lois and Tom. The food was excellent as was the company!" - Julie


New Rockford  

"We had our appreciation lunch on the 30th. We don’t have a grill so the Eagles did up burger baskets and delivered them for us…. the employees really enjoyed it. (Full disclosure: NR doesn't have a grill because I’m too cheap to buy one so we went to Plan B. Plan B involved the President of the Eagles Club (Josh Guler) calling the manager of the club and asking her to prepare burger baskets." - Myrna


"New Rockford’s employee appreciation lunch was great! We ordered in burger baskets from the Eagles club and enjoyed lunch together. The best part was that no one had to cook!" - Jenna


"We had a wonderful lunch provided by the Eagles Club. The entire staff was able to sit down together and enjoy the fries and burgers. Myrna was too cheap to buy a grill, however, we are still working on getting a picnic table for the parking lot!!" - Deb 


"We had burger baskets from the Eagles. They were great and nobody here had to cook!" - Penny


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