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Renee Christ celebrates 30 years in banking


Congratulations to Renee Christ on 30 years in banking! NDBA will give her an award this fall.


renee-christRenee Christ started at Wimbledon (then Farmers and Merchants Bank) in 1983 as a teller. Training was very slow compared to today! For her first month, all they let her do was file checks; they wouldn’t even let her answer the phone.


Today she is the operations supervisor at Wimbledon.


As you may imagine, there have been many, many changes in technology over the years. When she started, there weren’t even 10 key calculators. The first adding machine she used is now in the Wimbledon Museum. People would stand over her and watch each button push.


They wore uniforms four days a week – they had fun shopping for them as a group at the Fair Store in Jamestown. Once, she and a coworker wore their new blouses backward, not knowing why they were so uncomfortable!


Signature cards have really changed; they were just a card back then - no ID, DOB, or SSN on those cards! Certificates of deposit had to be typed on the typewriter – and rates were in the teens. In fact, most things were done by hand. Everything was posted by block after encoding.


Over the years, she has seen the introduction of debit cards, online banking and mobile banking. There is no longer proof, encoding and no more processing statements in the branch.


Customer service has stayed the same, though. “Customers are why we are here, so improving our technology and staying current with what’s available assisted us in retaining customers and attracting new ones!” she smiles.


Her favorite parts of her career? “Just getting to know people, learning new technology,” says Renee. She advises those new to banking, “Customers are why we are here so be that one person to make a positive difference.”


Thank you, Renee, for your 30 years in banking!

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