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Many Happy Returns – an Employee Survey


Are you getting a big fat refund this year, or writing a check to the IRS for taxes owed? We asked Bank and Insure Forward employees in Fargo, Grand Forks and New Rockford what they are doing with their tax refund. 


“We always invest at least half into an investment for us and into our kids’ college funds and the other half is usually split between a home update and a vacation!” - Michelle


“I will be saving mine to use towards my and my fiancé’s honeymoon.” - Makell


“I had to pay in, so I didn’t do anything with my refund.” – Steve


“I spent what’s left of mine on plane tickets to Denver & LA! I am so excited that I have a countdown app on my phone!” – Chelsey


“No refund this year.” - JoAnn


“I used it to pay for the rest of our new kitchen countertop (that we had to replace due to the fire that I set accidentally when working on candles, flowers, and altering my daughter’s wedding dress all at the same time!). Too much multitasking!” – Cheryl


“As lame and uninteresting as this sounds, we are saving our refund to help pay for my wife’s medical school books next year so she doesn’t have to take out the excess money in student loans.” - Matt


“Invest it with Invest Forward!” - Alicia 


“If I get a tax refund I consider my tax planning to be a relative failure. I can think of much better savings plans, like an automatic transfer to a Bank or Invest Forward account, than to give it to the government and be satisfied to receive some back, without interest, no less!” – Scott


“No refund this year!” - Lois


“What makes you think we are getting refunds?” - Larry


“I am using my tax refund towards some new windows for my home, which were badly needed. I live in the home where I grew up, which is almost 100 years old, and the second story still had some original windows. Need I say more?” - Julie


“You mean some folks receive refunds?! Lucky them!” - Jennifer


“I paid off a credit card…after buying myself one outfit of course.” - Heidi


“Siding my house.” – Myrna


“Saving it for a vacation!” – Jon S.


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