First Ever Forward Foundation Online Auction: Nov.12 - Dec.10

Forward Foundation is pleased to announce their very first online auction!  Online bidding begins Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013 at 8 a.m. and closes Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013 at 5 p.m.


Jon Erickson named to IIAND Board of Directors

Jon Erickson, Certified Insurance Counselor, has been named for a three year term to the Board of Directors for North Dakota Big “I,” also known as Independent Insurance Agents of North Dakota. Erickson is an insurance sales agent at Insure Forward, 1202 28th St. S., Fargo ND.


The Redesigned $100 Bill

On Tuesday, October 8th, the Federal Reserve began supplying financial institutions with a redesigned $100 note that incorporates new security features to deter counterfeiters and help businesses and consumers tell whether a note is genuine.



Consumer Tips on Cyber Security

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we want make sure our customers are informed on how to be safe online. Together with Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA), we’ve put together some tips to help you learn how to prevent your financial information from being stolen and misused. 



Bank Forward sponsored 2nd Annual Trinity Growers Project Meal

Bank Forward employees in Cooperstown and Hannaford sponsored a meal for roughly 120 people for our 2nd Annual Trinity Growers Project.


Built 4 Sale: Preparing Your Business for Sale

In recent years our country has experienced a great deal of change including a rapid decline in the economy. As we continue to slowly recover and adapt to new markets, we are faced with many challenges and opportunities. To add to this ever changing landscape, 2011 marked the beginning of the baby boom generation, turning sixty five.



Cooperstown Municipal Board donates $5000 to Forward Foundation

The Cooperstown Municipal Board has made a $5000 donation from charitable gaming to Forward Foundation.


Business Users of Online Services

Recently, small to medium sized businesses have been primary targets as cyber criminals have recognized that the security controls they have in place are not as robust as that of larger businesses. 



Tax Forward office moves to Bank Forward September 26

Tax Forward (formerly Harildstad Tax and Bookkeeping Services) is moving to new offices at Bank Forward, 484 Main Street, Carrington, on September 26.


Protect Yourself by Controlling Online Risks

New supervisory guidance recently issued by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) is designed to help make online transactions more secure. The new guidance is in response to an ever more dangerous online threat environment. Scams and hacking techniques are more sophisticated, new threats are continually being developed and organized crime groups both in the United States and internationally have become a major force in expanding online fraud and theft.  



Keeping Your Money Safe Online

As scams and hacking techniques become more and more sophisticated, new online threats are continually being developed, both in the United States and internationally. Organized cyber crime groups have become a major force in expanding online fraud and theft. In response to ever evolving threats to your financial security, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has recently issued new supervisory guidance designed to help make online transactions more secure.   



9 Proven Ways to Get Better Sleep

Many factors can interrupt and prevent a good night’s sleep, such as work pressures, family responsibilities, relationship issues or illnesses. You can’t control everything, but here are a few pillow-proven steps to get rest that refreshes and restores you. 


The Most Dangerous Recreational Sports

What are the most dangerous recreational sports? Maybe not what you would expect.



Renters Insurance 101

Did you know that the average person has over $20,000 worth of personal belongings? When you consider the cost of electronic equipment, clothes, jewelry, tools, kitchen gadgets and other personal items, you probably have far more invested in your personal property than you realize.



Counting Down to College? Be Sure Insurance Still Adds Up

As sure as the swallows return to Capistrano, all over America the latest migration of students prepares to descend on college campuses. Depending on whether your student is facing year one or is farther along the higher education highway, their individual stress levels may range from sheer terror to borderline boredom. For you, concerns may be running the gamut from empty nest issues to “How are we going to pay for this?”



Where would you go with an unlimited Travel Card?

We asked our staff in Cooperstown, Bemidji and Grand Forks "If you had an unlimited travel card this summer, where would you go and why?" Curious about what they said? Read on!



BHS Swim Team & Forward Foundation’s “Swim for a Cause” Event: A swimmer shares his story

When Forward Foundation teamed up with the Bemidji High School Swim Team for this year’s “Swim for a Cause” fundraiser, we had no idea the that we’d hit so close to home. It was in an email sent by a swim team member’s grandmother that we learned one of the swimmers helping to raise money for the event was also a survivor of childhood cancer.



Wills and Estate Planning – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Have you thought about what will happen to your assets when you’re gone? Most Americans, in fact, have not. But it doesn’t have to be so daunting.


Coverages to Consider for Your Boat

You are finally ready to buy that boat you have been dreaming about for years! But before the loan can be finalized, they need proof of insurance. 



Summer Fun, Insured - Part 2

It's vacation season! But before you hit the road this summer, check with your insurance agent to make sure you’re properly protected. Here are some tips to review your coverage to make sure you and your family are insured for the increased risks that come with summer travel. 



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