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Wednesday August 26 2020

Forward Foundation Supports FHL Academy

The Forward Foundation is pleased to announce a donation was recently presented to the FHL Academy. The donation will help the organization expand the sports curriculum offered to students.

Located in Bagley, MN, FHL Academy is an interdenominational Christian school serving students pre-K through tenth grade. The Forward Foundation donation will help the school purchase necessary equipment to offer sports programs, including basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

“We are honored to support FHL Academy,” Executive Director Lois Bednar says. “We know the benefits of sports exceed learning the necessary skills to make a free throw in
basketball or take a shot on goal in soccer. Learning that teamwork, dedication, and hard work are vital to success not only on the playing field but also beyond is something these students can utilize long after their time at FHL Academy.”

Pictured (left to right): Hailey Rhen, Invest Forward employee and Forward Foundation volunteer, FHL Academy representatives Vanessa Jodock, Shannon Johnson and Tim Hoyt, and Andrew Cloose, Invest Forward employee and Forward Foundation volunteer.

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