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Thursday June 13 2019

Sending Money Digitally? Stay Safe!

Digital payment networks make paying back your brother or splitting the dinner check with friends easier than ever. Convenience is wonderful and expected today. And with the increased use of digital payment networks such as Zelle, it’s no surprise those nasty scammers are looking for opportunities to gain access to these modern payment gateways.

NBC News recently ran a story regarding scammers accessing personal bank accounts through digital payment networks and stealing funds (click here to see the story). When we saw this story, we were reminded of a blog post from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) titled Tips for using peer-to-peer payment systems and apps. It’s really worth a read. Some of the key points:

1) When transferring funds from your digital payment network to your bank account, confirm the deposit went through.

2) Know who you’re sending money to. Scammers will try anything to get you to send them money!

3) If your digital payment network allows, enable additional security measures such as Touch ID or multi-factor authentication.

Click here to read the entire FTC blog post and stay safe.

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