Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are best place to store your important papers, valuables and family heirlooms. Any item that would cause you to say, “If I lose this, I’m in deep trouble,” should be in your safe deposit box. This includes original copies of your insurance policies, titles, deeds, mortgages, leases and other contracts; family records such as birth, marriage and death certificates; investment information on your stocks, bonds and CDs; valuables such as jewels, medals, collectables, photo negatives and photos or videos of your home for insurance purposes.

When you open a new Interest Checking or Forward Interest Checking account, the first year rental of a safe deposit box is free. Safe deposit boxes are not available at all locations. Costs vary based on size.

Cashier Checks

Cashier checks are often used in situations that involve large purchases, such as real estate and brokerage transactions or buying a new car. Using cashier checks is one of the safest and most efficient ways to pay bills and maintain the security of bank protection. This is because the check is issued and guaranteed by Bank Forward, rather than the purchaser. Cashier checks are purchased using available or collected funds from your Bank Forward account, loan proceeds, a loan advance or cash.

Fees may apply.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer, or electronic transfer of funds, is often the most expedient method for transferring money between bank accounts. Wires are virtually instantaneous, requiring no longer for transmission than a telephone call, and allow you to send money to financial institutions both in the United States and internationally.

Why send a wire transfer? When sending funds worldwide, wire transfer, done bank-to-bank, is considered the safest international payment method. Information contained in wires is transmitted securely through encrypted communications methods using our direct connection with the Federal Reserve’s wire services.

Bank Forward’s routing number is 091310864.

If you need funds credited immediately, choose wire transfer and let your money work for you. Wires may only be made with cash or available funds in your account. For instructions on how to wire money into or out of a Bank Forward account, follow the link below:

Fees apply.