Our Commitment to You

You have financial goals. They’re based on something important: the life you want to live or the business you want to build. This is why the first thing we do is get to know you—not your account balances or investment assets—YOU. We want to know about you—who you are, what’s important to you and how you define success. These are things that shape your financial needs, now and in the future. Then, we craft a plan to help you meet them.

To better serve you, we offer a wide variety of products and services to meet your needs. Just as importantly, we provide ongoing education and benefits that build our employees’ skill sets. In 2000, ownership was expanded to employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. With our ESOP, each employee shareholder is committed to your success and the success of our organization.

Our Commitment to Our Employees

We place the prosperity of our customers and our communities as our highest priority. From a full lineup of products for personal banking to sophisticated cash management tools for the largest of corporations, we offer everything you need to simplify the financial side of your life.

Our agents have the consultative expertise and experience to formulate a well-designed risk management plan for you. As an independent insurance agency with over 50 agents and nine locations, Insure Forward can provide you with coverages from some of the best underwriting companies at very competitive prices.

Tax Forward is more than just a simple tax-preparation service. We offer a wide variety of tax and accounting solutions that can be customized to fit your needs.

Our financial advisors at Invest Forward are well versed in helping you map a strategy for today and tomorrow, with a practical, solutions-based approach to minimize inefficiencies in your portfolio and manage your risk.

Our Board of Directors

  • Tom Watson, President
  • Mark Brown, CEO
  • Tory Hart
  • Lois Bednar
  • Casey Burchill
  • Rory Manke, D.D.S.
  • Dave Bender