Preventing Wintertime Slips and Falls

For tips on how to prevent injurys at work in the icy weather check out the article below, courtesy of the Society for Human Resource Management. Stay safe!


Jamie Moch, Dana Wolff named 2012 Bill Brown annual award winners

Bank Forward is pleased to announce that Jamie Moch and Dana Wolff are recipients of the 2012 Bill Brown award, the highest award given to employees by Bank Forward for service and teamwork.


FDIC Tips for Young Adults

The FDIC published a collection of simple tips for young adults and teens on saving and managing money and avoiding financial scams. The fall 2012 edition of FDIC Consumer News also includes suggestions for parents and caregivers on saving for a child's future and teaching youngsters about money. 



Gary Goplen Named to Board of Directors for ND Development Fund

Gary Goplen, senior vice president at Bank Forward, has been named to the board of directors for North Dakota Development Fund.


Dana Parkhouse, Jessica Haugen Earn AAP Designations

Dana Parkhouse and Jessica Haugen successfully passed their AAP Certification Exam recently.


Loan Production Offices Open

The ND Department of Financial Institutions has approved Bank Forward's new Loan Production Offices (LPO) in Fargo and Crookston.


Protect Yourself Online

Internet Security:

  • Never share personal or payment information via email. Regular email is not secure and can be intercepted.
  • Practice extreme caution when using public computers. You may be at risk when using public computers-such as those in hotels, libraries, or internet cafes. Spyware may have been installed and by entering private information you are at risk of having it stolen.
  • Provide personal information on a web page only if it's secure and you have initiated the contact. Always check for the lock icon or check the site certificate.
  • Keep your passwords secret. Change them regularly, using a mix of numbers and characters.

Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft on Vacation

Traveling, for business or for pleasure, can increase your exposure to financial risk. Here are some simple tips to protect yourself and reduce the risk of identity theft as you head out on your summer vacation: 



Secure Mobile Banking

Mobile banking offers many benefits – convenience, 24 hour access, the ability to check your balances, make transfers between accounts, and even make loan payments. It is a secure system, however, as with any electronic devices; there are risks and steps you can take to protect you and your financial information. 


Recognize Online Fraud

Email Fraud

Also called "phishing", "pharming", or "spoofing", email fraud occurs when internet thieves are trying to steal your confidential information such as account numbers and passwords. They send emails that appear to be from a well known company or appear as a legitimate website and entice you to disclose personal information.


Remove Your Name From Marketing Lists

Get Off Mailing Lists
Direct Marketing Association
Mail Preference Service
P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008


Recognize Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone steals personal and financial information, such as your name, social security number, or an account number, and uses that information for financial gain. 


Important Contact Information

U.S. Postal Inspectors Office
Victims of fraud should contact their local post office to report any crime involving stolen mail or use of the mail in furtherance of a fraud scheme.


How to Protect Yourself against Fraud

  • Don't give out personal information such as checking account, credit card numbers, and especially your social security number. Never give out any of this information over the phone or on the internet unless you know for sure whom you are dealing with and have initiated the call or know you are on a secure website.
  • Don't preprint your Social Security number, drivers license, or telephone number on checks. Report lost or stolen checks immediately and always store your check supply in a secure place. 

What to do if Your Identity is Stolen

Bank Forward is committed to the security of your personal information. Our employees will provide ID theft recovery assistance to our customers.


Cityscapes in Our lobbies

The Valley City office is getting new artwork to compliment their remodeling project!  We went out and took unique photos on Monday of landmarks and other interesting sites in the Valley City area – similar to what we have in our Fargo, Grand Forks and Bemidji locations.


The Uninsured Motorist

If there is something to be afraid of when you’re driving, it is a reckless driver. What is worse than a reckless driver is a reckless driver that has no auto liability insurance.


Jeff Kleven Earns CPIA Designation

Jeff Kleven, Sales Agent, Insure Forward, recently was awarded the designation of Certified Professional Insurance Agent.


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