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We understand that you have financial goals. They’re based on something important: the life you want to live. We’ll help you craft a plan that meets your financial needs, now and in the future. From fundamentals like checking, savings and lending to things you might not expect from a community bank, like a full range of insurance, investment and tax solutions, we offer exactly what you need to simplify the financial side of your life, so you can live the life you want.

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Auto Service and Repairs


In this economy, Insure Forward understands how important it is to get the most out of every dollar you spend. We can help you get the coverage that fits your business needs - now, and as your business grows.

We understand auto service shops have some unique insurance needs and can offer the following coverage solutions:

Garage liability helps protect your business from accidental repair mistakes or customer injury on your premises.
Garage keepers liability provides coverage for damage to customers’ vehicles while in your care.
Business property coverage.  Fire poses the biggest risk.  We can help you recover from disaster and start fresh.
Employee portable tools and equipment extends the same great protection to employee-owned tools and equipment used at your business.
Business continuity.  Closing your store while you rebuild or remodel after a covered claim can also put a real strain on finances.  With business income coverage, your lost income and necessary expenses can be covered.
Money and credit cards.  We can provide reimbursement for stolen cash, checks or customer credit card slips.

It’s challenging to run an auto service or repair shop.  It demands your complete focus.  Insurance protection for your livelihood is our focus.  Let us shoulder some of your burden so you can focus on what’s important.

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